Ecologic fibre is a textile fibre derived from a post-consumer regeneration cycle, so when clothing is no longer usable in any industry sector, and destined to disposal. Ecologic fibre is in part made of regenerated fibre derived from pre-consumer, specifically from byproducts and waste of textile industrial production, also destined to disposal. These materials are considered 100% ecological because they entirely derive from the recycle of the many types of textile waste, otherwise destined to landfilling, with a high environmental impact on soil and subsoil. Many of these products are made of high percentage of synthetic and artificial fibres, therefore they are not biodegradable, and will persist in soil for centuries, polluting and producing liquids that are extremely dangerous for groundwater.

Our regenerate products
After a very attentive quality selection made from our suppliers, who are authorised to waste collecting, un-textile impurities are removed from the materials, which are later sanitised and then sent to they transformation in our plants. At the end of this regeneration process, a natural colour - or multicoloured - frayed fibre is obtained. This secondary raw material is ready for innumerable uses: It can be used for the production of needled, thermofused or resinated felts for the furniture and automotive industry, and like soundproofed panels in the construction industry.

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