Vegetable fibres are natural fibres obtained from plant parts like stem, phloem and leaves and are made of cellulose. In some cases cellulose is almost pure, like for example cotton wool obtained from cottonseeds: this makes this fibre one of the most used vegetable textile fibres ever. In other cases, instead, cellulose is made from the plant’s phloem or bark: from these parts, linen, hemp, jute and ramie fabrics are obtained.
From monocots’ leaves, instead, bigger and more rigid fibres are obtained, like sisal, bast, abaca, agave and coconut fibre.

Our products are regenerated and 100% pure or with vegetable base, and they are used in some types of carded yarn and open ends, in the production of pressed and thermofused wadding to stuff mattresses and sofas and in the production of geotextile felt for gardening and agricolture.

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